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About Us

Nigel and Martin Wainwright started working in the motor trade in the late 70's and opened their small garage in 1984 in the small West Yorkshire village of Silsden. Most people in Silsden at that time worked in the local textile industry which were within walking distance from their homes so they weren't reliant on a car. It wasn't unusual to own a car for over 10 years, so we started welding and repairing older makes of car like Rover, Hillman, Triumph, Austin, MG, Ford and Wolseley, most of which are now considered a classic car.

As the textile mills closed and were converted into apartments, and the old weaving sheds were demolished and new housing estates appeared in their place, the population probably doubled and people had further to travel to work. As the area changed, the cars changed and therefore the technology changes. We have constantly adapted our business to keep up with these changes, with investments in equipment and training. From the early management systems in the mid 90's, to the complex systems of todays cars, we have moved with the times. Currently we use the SPC MAX system which has fantastic coverage, the DELPHI DS150E MAX for the modern diesels and the Carmen scan for the Japanese market.

We also use specialist diagnostic tools like the Smoke Pro which can locate an air leak in an inductive system, saving time and money and the oscilloscope for testing any electric component and how it effects the management system. We have perfected a unique way of testing the latest diesel components and started to recondition them in-house. In 2008 we demonstrated this at trade shows throughout the country.

At the end of 2009 we were asked for input in AUTOiNFORM, the UK's first online automotive aftermarket trade magazine, where we recorded an 18 minute video in issue 4 and a 20 minute video in issue 5.

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