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Part 1


When Nick Holt asked me for input for this new publication, I was a little daunted because of its world wide coverage on the internet.

I have demonstrated specialised tooling and test equipment at trade events before, but I was a little out of my comfort zone performing in front of the camera. The presentations in Autoinform showcases the level of investment and training you need to repair modern day vehicles and most garages will have invested in scan equipment that communicates with the cars computers.

These tools can look at the output from sensors the cars computer management system uses to run the car (live data) and can read the faults stored in the computer diagnostic trouble codes (DTC's). This is an important but small part of modern car diagnosis, you must also be able to test the components and test their circuits because a trouble code may be a symptom and not the cause of the fault of the car. If this procedure is not carried out, expensive parts may be fitted without repairing the fault. My input in the magazine concentrates on the diesel management systems and Common Rail Injectors, these are the components that have transformed diesels from the old tractors of the 80's and 90's to the performance of today’s diesel vehicles, which are powerful and fuel efficient.

Petrol engines have adopted this technology with direct injection FSi and GDI just at a lower pressure and the current way of injection will not pass the next European emissions ruling, so in 5 years all petrol cars will have direct injection.

For the original video at AutoInform click Here.

The video is on P9.

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